Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tiens Open Presentation

Date; 24/08/08
Time; 0145pm
Veneue; Hotel Puduraya, Tingkat 5
Fee entrance; RM12

lets go to make your dream come true...

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tiens Malaysia June-July Promo 2008

Tiens promotion for June - July 2008.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Tiens Testimonial

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Tiens Health Mattress

Sleep - The Most Natural Way Of Detoxification

The hectic modern lifestyle had seriously disturbed ourphysiologic accommodation; this further affected our detoxificationsystem and causes many types of illness. According to detoxificationchart, the recommended bed time is 9 pm.

The Detoxification Chart of Body

9 pm - 11 pm: Detoxification on immune system
11 pm - 1 am: Detoxification on liver during deep sleep
1 am - 3 am : Detoxification on lung
5 am - 7 am : Detoxification on large intestine
7 am - 9 am : Best time for small intestine to adsorb nutrients

High blood lipid is a common severe health problem, and will cause the following illness:

1. Low blood supply to brain
2. Arteriosclerosis
3. Brain embolism
4. Brain thrombosis
5. Cerebral hemorrhage (deadly)
6. Low blood supply to heart
7. Miocardial infarction

WHO: The risk of contracting Cardiac vascular problem is same asCancer! Solving high blood lipid problem can be life saving!

The bio-energy of Tiens Dream including: Magnetic field, F.I.R.negative ion and jade mineral. These energies will eliminate the toxinand fat adhered to the wall of blood vessel, so thus assist inpreventing illness caused by high blood lipid.

* Pregnant women is prohibited for using Tiens Dream, this is due tothe resonant effect of F.I.R. will decompose the molecule of amnioticfluid into very smaller size which is not suitable for healthy fetusgrowth.

Tiens Dream Bio-Energy Health Mattress

� Magnetic effect
� Far infra-read effect
� Negative ion effect

Achieving health from sleeping:

� We spend of 1/3 of our life sleeping. Therefore, the impact of sleeping to human life is enormous.
� Heavy work load, anxiety can easily cause our back bone to becomecrooked tired muscle, affect digestive system and other sickness.
� Quality sleep is the basis of health rejuvenation. It is the best time to rejuvenate organ functions.
� Quality sleep is the first step towards total health.

Consist of 380 pieces of stone in the health mattress:

� Arrangements of the stones have massage effect on muscle nerve. Itcan remove tiredness, improve air circulation and remove body heat. Itsexclusive structure helps you to improve health while you are sleeping.

7 unique features of Tiens Dream Bio-Energy Health Mattress:

1. Activates the water molecules

Far Infrared Ray in Tiens Dream Bio-Energy Health Mattressgenerates the resonant and activation of water molecules in our body.It improves the oxygen flow, and assist in slowing down the agingprocess.

2. Activates cell, improves Metabolis

Tiens Dream Bio-Energy Health Mattress increases the negative ionin the user's blood. It speeds up the interactivity between ion in theinner and outer layer of the cell enabling sufficient nutrient to betransported to the cell, the unwanted waste are being discharged andthis enhances the metabolism and recovers the cell functions rapidly.It also increases calcium content in the blood, stimulates the musclefunctions, especially cardiac muscle. Heart becomes healthier anddigestion system becomes stronger.

3. Purifying Blood and Balancing blood ph

Far infrared Ray is able to change blood ph from acidic to weakalkaline. The blood purifying process will be more ideal in thepresence of negative ion. When the positive and negative ions cover upthe whole body, ions in the blood and minerals in the body (natrium,calcium, potassium) will combine closely. With Tiens Dream Bio-EnergyHealth Mattress, the negative ion in the body will increase calcium andpotassium content in the blood. It makes blood slightly alkaline andrestores blood to its original state. This helps to purify blood,improve skin texture, prevent arteriosclerosis, improve channel andjoint pain, supplement deficiency of calcium and regulate hyper uricacid.

4. Revitalizing

The life ray from Tiens Dream Bio-Energy Health Mattress canimprove blood circulation, enhance kidney function and stabilize thebody condition in general.

5. Balance automatic nervous system

Tremendous curative effects of the negative ion ray from TiensDream Bio-Energy Health Mattress can regulate the automatic nervoussystem. Automatic nerve controls all organs, glands, blood vessels andother organs that do not need conscious control and have immediatereaction. It is the necessary basic function in life. Thus, it is alsoknown as Life Nerve. Automatic nerve can be improved through absorptionof negative ion in body. It is especially helpful in assistingimbalance of automatic nerve due to the busy modern life. It alsoenhances the regulation of endocrine which is closely related toautomatic nerve. Besides, it improves the ability to build blood.

The strong negative ion released by Tiens Dream Bio-Energy HealthMattress is helpful to various diseases, especially the chronicdiseases. The increase of negative ion in body improves the body fluid,cells and nerve functions. This further improves internal organs andtissue functions, regulates the imbalances of automatic nerve andendocrine system. It also improves various body functions and improveschronic diseases conditions.

6. Maintain body temperature

The unique structure and function of Tiens Dream Bio-EnergyHealth Mattress helps to increase elasticity of blood vessel to controlbody temperature at any time.

7. Increase blood circulation and body resistant

Continue usage of Tiens Dream Bio-Energy Health Mattress canactivate water molecule, reduce blood viscosity, improve numb hand,leg, waist and shoulder, low and high blood pressure and clogged bloodvessel. Together with the increase of negative ion, white blood cellwill increase and this improves immune antibody and enhances bodyresistant. At the same time, the scar healing ability also increases.

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